VU SR BS coordinators

Responsible for: VU SR BS activities, VU BS students' representation in VU BS council, VU SR council, and parliament,  area coordinators' actions and the implementation of the VU SR BS yearly activity plan, other responsibilities stated in the VU SR BS regulations and statutes.
Justinas Brazaitis

Phone: +370 653 25 198

Responsible for: the planning of VU SR BS training, as well as the improvement and maintenance of the organization's microclimate.
Human Resources Coordinator
Edgaras Kodis

Phone: +370 647 53 656

Responsible for: activities of student representatives in the faculty, its coordination and communication with the VU BS administration on issues related to representation.
Coordinator of Representatives
Ričardas Ratkevičius

Phone: +370 606 15 225

Responsible for: VU SR BS document administration and archiving and management of Lithuanian Student identity card (LSIC) in the faculty.
Administrator and LSIC Coordinator
Erika Radiun

Phone: +370 617 06 091,

Responsible for: counseling students on social issues and ensuring students' social welfare in the faculty and examination of the issues of the study process and students' problems related to the academic field.
Coordinator of Social-Academic Process Affairs
Matas Krikščiūnas

Phone: +370 687 43 747

Responsible for: publicity of VU SR BS activities, dissemination of information, public relations and communication.
Coordinator of Communications
Abigailė Zizaitė
Responsible for: search for sponsors for events organized by VU SR, ensuring long-term cooperation with sponsors and distribution of advertising in the unit and dormitories.
Coordinator of Marketing
Marja Abramavičiūtė

Phone: +370 655 61 609

Responsible for: organization of VU SR BS events and project implementation.
Coordinator of Organizational Affairs
Goda Valtytė

Phone: +370 609 77 522

Responsible for: the process of counseling foreign students and their representation.
Coordinator of Foreign Students’ Affairs
Michaela Andie Kleynhans

Phone: +370 693 75 471

Responsible for: selection of tutors; improving the competencies of tutors and the effective work of tutors during receptions, freshman camp and integration weeks.
Integration Process Coordinator
Justas Petraitis

Phone: +370 676 57 095

IT Coordinator
Modestas Trubila

Phone: +370 687 85 959

Coordinator of the Student Scientific Society
Karolina Alimovaitė

Phone: +370 690 85 218